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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Glimpse into perservering

Written 15/1/2013

Yesterday was finally massage day! Unfortunately I couldn't book in while I was really sore a week or so ago, but I still am aching so every bit helps. It was definitely not a feel good, relaxation massage! It was a try and not jump off the bed massage! However it seems to have got into some tight muscles and today I feel achey but looser. Tomorrow I am going back and talking to the clinic's practitioner for a more holistic approach and see if any new suggestions can be made. Yes, unfortunately this means recounting my whole story again, but hopefully something good comes of it.
I finally got a referral to see an endocrinologist on Friday. I had to go back to the GP for the third time in the week just to get it, but I eventually got there, after really having to push to get it (very frustrating and confusing that you have to ask several times and finally be very blunt and forceful to get a specialist referral!). I was starting to feel like my GP, although very clever and is the only one to have picked up the Hashi's after however many years, is starting to mismanage me, and I feel like we aren't getting anywhere. So much I have read from medical practitioners and from patients says how GPs, and even specialists so often don't handle Hashimoto's patients well and that you really need to keep pushing to get the treatment you need. Because my hormone levels have started to normalise this week, my GP is just keeping me on the Carbimazole and not actually treating the problem! He actually said that we wouldn't look at the antibodies anymore! If my hormone levels are ok at the moment and I still feel bad, then something else needs to be done! So many people seem to have this same problem; doctors look at the numbers on the blood reports, and don't take into account the actual symptoms. Fingers crossed that the specialist is good and gets me on to the right path!

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