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Friday, 17 May 2013

Glimpse into smiling from the inside

(Published May 6th)
I have had postural hypotension for so long that for the majority of the time, I can be losing my vision or feeling dizzy and lightheaded, and people around me do not know! In the same sense, I am realising that I can be feeling nauseous, aching, and exhausted inside these days, but people will comment on how well I am managing a task, and that I am having such a good day! I give them a shocked reaction, thinking "what?! But I feel gross!"

Today, I am thinking that this may indicate:
1.) That I am getting a little better, slowly slowly! Yay!
2.) That I am dealing with what I am faced with, and learning how to manage my gentle activities without giving into the discomfort (because I am so lucky and have so much help and support throughout the day).
3.) That I am risking slipping back into my old thinking of pushing myself so that I can do the things I want to do, and so the things that will make others happy are done, and I could overdo it.
4.) That my positivity and attempt to keep my attitude strong and happy is starting to take effect.

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