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Friday, 17 May 2013

Glimpse into working on a good attitude for the week

(Published May 5th.)
The past couple of weeks have been filled with more bad health days than good. I have, however, been able to meet a friend's gorgeous newborn son, managed to treat myself to a beautiful new dress, sat in the sun with a good friend who I have not seen in months, and had some relaxed girl time with the bestie, and Mum. These lovely events broke up the hours of nausea, stiffness, head aches, fatigue, brain fog, some personal sadness, and blood tests.

Friday was my fortnightly massage day too, which I really needed, and very much enjoyed, but it just was not long enough! I realised that I often dread my weekly alternating appointments for acupuncture and massage, because some days it is a massive physical effort to get myself there! Dreading massage?! I realised on Friday that I need to turn this attitude around, quick smart!
I also was in contact with my boss about my situation in regards to work, and he was so kind and understanding. This makes such a difference to one's ability to cope; one less stressor on the plate. I am so thankful.
This coming week is quite full with doctor appointments, blood test results, acupuncture and the like. I am keen to see the results of my latest bloods, to see if the reason for my recent downward slide shows up. I am also going to work really hard at keeping positive and happy despite several things that could see otherwise. I am also hoping to be well enough to make a yoga class, as I have had to miss a couple recently. I went this morning, and it was so good to stretch and relax the tight and aching muscles.
As I have blogged about recently, I am determined to learn from this illness, and change my attitude to one of positivity, inner strength, and receptiveness.
I hope that you have a plan for your week ahead which makes you feel empowered, happy and strong. Make the most of each moment, good and bad, and come out the other end to enjoy your weekend.

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